About Relix

Brand Relix was coined by combining words that are core to the definition of quality i. e. Reliability and Excellence. We are a small firm based in Bangalore. Our business philosophy is about:

  • making simple products that are safe (personal and chemical safety) and easy to use (ergonomic)
  • making products largely from natural raw materials
  • making Relix products available through reliable supply channels

We cater to specific market segments within the Lifestyle space where most of our products are made from wood.

  • Products:
    • There are three categories of products under which our products can be grouped:
      • Kitchen: the range includes a variety of Vegetable Cutting Boards (also called Chopping boards) and Cheese Boards
      • Home: products marketed under this category include Organisers, Multi-utility Boards, Cutlery Stands
      • Office/Home Office: Pen Stands, Office Organisers
      • Why do we find that our consumers appreciate Relix products and consider them important to their lifestyles?
        • Most of the Relix range of products is made largely from wood. Processed wood has not yet been included into our raw material lists. We source virgin wood only as of now and this does not include Bamboo. 
        • Our specialty is Cutting Boards and products under this category are made using many species of wood, but also in different combinations and with different technical specifications. We believe that we have an unmatched offering as far as Cutting Boards are concerned in the markets in India in terms of variety and assortment. However, we not only offer variety, but also offer different grades of durability to suit the requirements of different consumers. For example, tough grain boards are suitable for chefs where aggressive use of the board may be encountered. On the other hand, housewives and home-chefs may not require a heavy board and the flat-grain range may suffice. Whatever be the requirement, there is a board for every kitchen requirement with Relix.
        • Also noteworthy is the attention we devote to maintaining safety standards in the manufacture of products generally, but more specifically in the case of cutting boards and wood products where food contact is likely. With cutting boards, only food-grade ingredients are used and no synthetic enamels, paints, varnishes or coatings are applied. The manufacturing process is a closely-guarded secret and has been developed over the years. Some of the ingredients used in the manufacture of chopping boards are also custom made for our requirements so as for us to be able to offer a product that is at par with the expectations that our consumers have from us.
        • And, all products are 100 % manufactured in-house. This means that quality control and assurance standards are maintained. A high level of integration also means that we have control over the design process and are thus able to offer contemporary and evolving designs.
        • Customisation: While the major proportion of Relix products sell to end-users (B2C), we also customize to suit for commercial entities (B2B).


  • Price and Value: There is always a trade-off that consumers make when purchasing any product. Products available on the market offer variable proportions of quality to price. At Relix, we offer safety, reliability and durability in all the products that we manufacture not to mention contemporary design elements. The value that consumers can expect to get out of Relix products is on par or better than Western products. Imports may also contain materials that may be synthetic and hence not food-grade. Moreover, such imported goods that may be offered at a low price may use materials of construction that have been rejected during production or are production excesses or waste. The treatment of such raw material before it reaches you may not conform to acceptable standards and hence the final product quality is also likely to be impacted.


  • Where do we market? Relix products are currently available only through select e-commerce sites namely www.amazon.in, www.flipkart.com and our own e-shop – www.relix.in. We do not offer our products in any brick-and-mortar retail outlets as of now. Also, we currently sell only in India though we are open to international enquiries.

  • U Make Us: Relix is about you – our customer. We communicate our product launches, product information and promotions through our website, but also through social media. You can look us up on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We are always open to suggestions, comments and complaints regarding our products or any of the services offered by our supply chain partners. Please write to us with any questions you may have pre or post purchase. Some of our products may do better and will last longer if our customers follow the advice provided with the products. Nevertheless, in case we have missed out something, you can count on us to reply to your queries.




Thank you for choosing Relix.